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The Beorma Hip Clinic was founded in Birmingham.

Beorma is the name most commonly given to the circa 7th century Anglo-Saxon founder of the settlement now known as the English city of Birmingham.

Birmingham has always had a rich heritage in hip surgery and is the home of the Birmingam Hip Resurfacing - a procedure still succesfully carried out in large numbers by the Beorma Hip Clinic Surgeons today.

The mission behind the Beorma Hip Clinic is simple.

"We want to provide high quality and effective reconstructive hip surgery to improve peoples lives through the use of the latest surgical techniques and pioneering technology.”

The surgeons at Beorma Hip Clinic are specialists and leaders in their field. They work closely with an outstanding multidisciplinary team including physiotherapists, nurses, radiologists and other surgeons to ensure all their patients get the very best care.

Image by Brian Lewicki
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